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At Advanced Industrial Finishes, we pride ourselves on offering custom finishing solutions to our clients.  This includes custom masking as required, in addition to multiple pretreatment options.  While our standard pretreatment includes the application of a degreasing agent and iron phosphate (for steel substrates) or an aluminum conditioner (for aluminum substrates) we also have the capability to add zirconium rinses, sandblasting, and burn-off processes as needed per job.  

While often overlooked with many smaller coating shops, we take the time to ensure that all metal parts are properly pretreated.  This initial step is often the most important one when it comes to the durability and life of the finish.  When you are getting your product powder coated, you want to make sure it will look great and holdup many years down the road, and provide the same level of aesthetics and protection as the day the coating was applied.  This is why it is so important to take the time and ensure that the part is properly cleaned, and free of grease, oils or other contaminants.

When required, we can also blast your parts to remove any rust/corrosion or simply to provide better adhesion than iron phosphating pretreatment can provide.  We have the capability to blast virtually any size part.

Often time, it is beneficial to remove a paint or finish without necessarily sandblasting the part (which is a time consuming and subsequently expensive process).  We have a specialized oven that can heat the parts to such a high temperature that any coating is “burned off” and incinerated without causing any damage to the steel part itself.  Our burn-off oven can fit parts up to 60” x 80” and can safely remove any paint or coating from your parts.  We offer this as a stand-alone service as well, for customers who may just need to have coatings removed without necessarily requiring coating services.    

Custom Finishing Solutions by Advanced Industrial Finishes

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